Guide to a Fulfilled Life

You will benefit from this eclectic guide - maybe even shift the way you see, the things you value, the actions you take.

Think of it like a Life Cook Book. If you find a single useful recipe, you have a worthwhile addition to your library and to your life. This book is delivered in .pdf format.



Less Stress More Wealth
helps you discover a basic truth:

Knowledge alone has nothing to do with making money and being a success.

Here are a series of thought-provoking assertions and insightful exercises that help you discover how to have less stress in your life while you gain more wealth. You will discover the real rules of money and how to use them well. This book is delivered in .pdf format.


A Brief History of
The End of Hunger

This is a unique and unusually powerful way of talking about hunger here in the United States. Through a combination of short fiction, essays and even poetry, the reality of hunger and its consequences for each of us is vividly demonstrated. You will discover what is happening and how you can help to bring about the sustainable end of hunger – in your lifetime. Nothing like this has ever been written before. This book is delivered in .pdf format.

From the Table of Contents

  • Short Stories
  • A Brief History of the End of Hunger
  • Gunfight at the OK Food Kitchen
  • Crime and Nourishment
  • Essays
  • Poems



Memoirs of a Middle-Aged Hippie

For Mature Readers ONLY

These essays are about the underclass during the volatile 60's and 70's. The best way to describe them is from this excerpt from the book:
Even the way he died was characteristic – falling off a mountain – in a blizzard – in California , in the summer. After the shock and the sadness, you would shake your head and think,“yeah - that’s Ray.”

I never grieved ‘properly;’ it would have been inappropriate. But my notebooks are filled with pictures of him falling eternally through space. How could I say goodbye, when my persistent image is that halfway down he stopped saying goodbye and started saying
hello ?

This book is delivered in .pdf format.


It’s Best to Love and Win

Lets you discover new ways to have powerful, loving relationships by inspiring insights and your ability to act on them. This book is delivered in .pdf format.


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