What Not How
May 28th, 2007

In my New Futures essay this week, I’ve been talking about my understanding of ‘The Secret.’ To me it’s the ultimate in creativity, isn’t it? When you carry it through to its endpoints, it says we are always creating – Everything. We are each God in our own universe - So when we really understand that it works, we then have to see that we work. The energy we Authentically put out is what we get. And the universe (our intrinsic Self) figures out how.

We spend so much time figuring out How, we often don’t pay attention to What. In fact, figuring out How often creates the opposite of How. If you spend all your time figuring out how to make more money you are projecting scarcity – “you don’t have enough so you need more.”

Perhaps that’s what has teacher after teacher telling us, “Do what you love.” Spend your time on what resonates with you. When your goal is to fulfill your need, you are not serving yourself.

All of this seems – no, Is, counter-intuitive. But this is the message:

  1. Do what works for your higher good – Serve Love. Serve service. Serve gratitude; serve appreciation, compassion, generosity.
  2. Those are ‘hows’ worth learning and practicing.
  3. Then your asking becomes increasingly pure.
  4. So you can be ready to receive.

Everyone has a different program. Our programs may well be opposites.

Useful Quotes

From Dr. Joel Levey's website:

"The hour is striking so close above me,
 so clear and sharp,
 that all my senses ring with it.
 I feel it now: there's a power in me
 to grasp and give shape to my world
I know that nothing has ever been real
 without my beholding it.
 All my becoming has needed me.
 My looking ripens things
 and they come toward me, to meet and be met."
- Rilke, Rilke's Book of Hours

 (translated by Johanna Macy & Anita Barrows)

It Is I Who Must Begin  
It is I who must begin. Once I begin, once I try --
here and now, right where I am,
not excusing myself by saying things
would be easier elsewhere,
without grand speeches and
ostentatious gestures,
but all the more persistently-- to live in harmony
with the "voice of Being," as I understand it within
myself-- as soon as I begin that,
I suddenly discover, to my surprise, that
I am neither the only one, nor the first,
nor the most important one to have set out
upon that road.
Whether all is really lost or not depends entirely
on whether or not I am lost.

Vaclav Havel


Creative Corner

I Spend the Day Singing
©June 22, 1999

It is a brilliant summer's day
the light, sharp and fragile
breaks into glittering winks
The sun beams from leaves
and blinds,
from windowsills and windshields

We see the wind bow only slightly in the leaves,
just a nod of presence
as You are present in the light,
the slightest nod of Your presence is the light
and Your songs are all around
and all songs around are Yours.

I sing them for hours, for hours,
for ours, forever,

And I am singin' in the rain;
singin’ the body electric
singin’ the blues away,
dancing to the sway of the light,
swaying to the dance of the leaves
dancing in the still of the light
and the song of the glittering sun

I'm singing Hallelujah
I'm singing Your praises
and I'm singing a song of sixpence,
with a pocket full of wry


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