May 21 st, 2007

How do we include something in our lives? I know several contradictory things about this.

X) If you put something in, something else will have to go out (certainly, for those who think their lives are already full)

Y) There’s always more room.- until there’s a breakdown

It’s possible that when you include something, you will discover that what dropped away became invisible. How can you at least wake it when you “have to?”

I review my mission & promises and matching plans and opportunities.
But I still have to include new things and even temporarily exclude things.

I met with a friend, Bill Weber and we were looking at drawings I used to do. We’re using a few as illustrations in some of my books. I haven’t drawn like that in more than 25 years –

Some 8 years ago I took a course in real drawing and I contribute some of what I drew in the Ending Hunger silent auction. But whimsical, psychological sketches – most awful… not since 25 years ago. So I inserted into my activities Draw. And for 2 days I’ve been drawing. But I’m 70 now.

I could never draw a straight line. Sometimes I can, but it’s short – and in the wrong direction. Now I guess I’m even more straight line challenged. But I’m enjoying playing like this. Doing this at 70 has all sorts of new self expression. It seems to have been Option Y -- I can’t figure out what dropped out – even thought my life is full.

Again I look at why and how creative. This time a friend let me remember.

If I were compiling, so far I’ve seen these things impel creativity-
They don’t have to – and they can:

  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Accidents
  • Using fragments of time
  • Saying so/scheduling/planning
  • Focusing

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