Why Should I Read
What You Write and Offer?

My Background – or all that
David Copperfield stuff

I’m 70 years old – with 6 children and 7 grandchildren. I spent most of my life as a mathematician, computer system designer, developer, manager and business owner. Throughout it all, I’ve written. For years, only two kinds of writing ever saw the light of other eyes – technical papers for my peers and that community and, for about four years, a weekly e-zine.

But now – ta-daa.

One of the nice things about being 70 is that I’ve been able to do a lot in my life. And all of the various experiences I’ve had feed directly into my writing. I’ve gained this experience: I’ve lead seminars and other programs, both privately and for Landmark Education. I’ve been a teacher – in NYU Graduate Business School, in Columbia Graduate Business School, in SUNY and in Arthur D. Kill Prison (yes, prison). I started an alternative school. I owned and managed a natural food store. And I’ve been an Options Trader. I’ve been broke. I am wealthy. As a writer, it’s all grist for the mill.

I’ve been coaching since 1979, professionally since 1999, and have trained and mentored other coaches. See my next door neighbor, www.contributioncoaching.com.

What I Write About

From my coaching, I’ve written various books on living a fulfilled life. Less Stress, More Wealth talks about many of the steps we go through that allows us to greatly expand both our serenity and our wealth.

At the same time, I’ve focused in on relationships and I know I can help you have them work even better. It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all but It’s Best to Love and Win.

I’ve put together the weekly essays I write on the state of my world: coaching, commitment and caring, together with some of my poems. I call it a Guide to Living a Fulfilled Life.

I write short stories and they’ll begin to show up. I let you in on one of them just for subscribing to my newsletter. Some of the short stories I write are true and you’ll enjoy a lot of them in Memoirs of a Middle-Aged Hippie – Another advantage of being 70 is I can fully savor the experiences of 30+ years ago when that’s who I was. That will be available in hard copy as well – for savoring off-line.

I’ve also written a novel that I expect you’ll find both thought-provoking and pleasurable. I’m rooting for them also. They lead An Interesting Life.

My concern for the planet led me to write a series on The End of Hunger essays and fiction to move you to increased action.

And that’s the beginning. You won’t exhaust the writing.

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