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Professional Coaching for Professional People helps you achieve the goals you have that make a difference for your practice, your families, your relationships, and communities – - - your whole life.

You will be well on your way to the
most fulfilling and satisfying life
you can imagine.

21Awesome Results
meets for one hour a week and
three weeks a month. Each session
is limited to 6 participants.

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Why 21?

Participants often enter this course after completing my free seminar, based on Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. In that course, we invent 21 Goals, covering all areas of our lives. Just imagine your life when you fulfill those goals –

Here are mine:
Fulfill my coaching & website goals
Get financing for a new business
Create 6 Joint Venture deals
Fully recover my eyesight and eliminate my asthma
Be offered consultancy by Jack Canfield for The Success Principles
Win Amazon’s contest for my novel
Go on a cool cruise to Alaska
Join a yoga class
Get and use new vibrating exercise machine
Meet all of my fitness criteria
Have massages every 2 weeks
Complete a novel with my brother
Have totally loving relationships with whole family
Visit my brothers by the end of the year.
Share my drawings with the world
Visit the Ecuadorian rain forest
Attend 3l weekends at Omega institute
Tithe 10% to Pachamama and THP and invest in
Van Jones ( Ella Baker Center)
Have my children do the Pachamama Symposium

What Do We Do in the 21Awesome Results Coaching Sessions?

Creating (or review)Your Goals, Vision and Affirmations
Choosing your Priorities
Making your Future Real - How to use the Law of Attraction
Getting Started – The Rubber Meets the Road
Generating Support
Discovering Your Resources
Dealing with Obstacles
Dealing with Successes
Making the Best Use of your Time
Having Fun Doing it


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21 Awesome Results Group Coaching
3 one Hour Sessions/month - $95/month

Tuesdays at 7:30PM Eastern
(starting December 4th )

Or Thursdays at 1:00PM Eastern
(Starting December 6th)


Let’s go for it, Michael, here's my first monthly payment!

$95 Tuesdays

$95 Thursdays

Let’s Go For 6 months @ only $90/mo.

$540 Tuesdays

$540 Thursdays

Also Available

Personalized Professional Coaching

One on one - just for you.

Three half hour sessions/month - $150 each
$400 when paid monthly in advance

Let’s go for it, Michael, here's my first monthly payment

Let’s Go For 6 months @ only $375/mo. -- $2250

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