Internet Comfort Contribution Coaching
Helping the Novice Conquer the Internet!


Make a Difference from Your Easy Chair

Contribution Coaching is about making a difference in the world —through service, through active participation, even it is from the comfort of your home. We do that through the internet and there is a wonderful world out there I’d like to help you explore.

Make new friends all over the world!

The great thing about the internet is that it covers the world. Why not make friends from other countries, from other cultures. Learn what is going on in their lives. Contribute though sharing and friendship.

Gather information!

Learning is fun. Learning keeps you interested. Learning makes you interesting to others. I will show you how to search and research on the internet and how to explore everything from pertinent information to entertaining and informative audio and video

Get the best bargains!

If you don’t know how to comparison shop on the internet you’re missing both fun and value. You’ll learn how to find the store nearest you that carries the product or how to use e-bay to sell and buy really interesting items.

Have fun!

Isn’t fun what life is all about?! There are games, and TV shows and blogs, podcasts, flikr and many new opportunities to play on the internet. We’ll get you started with your own personal collection of places to play!

Internet Comfort Contribution Coaching lets you take your time with plenty of time to explore and absorb each step.

Let me help you enrich your life through internet exploration

Commit for just two weeks and let’s add a dimension to
your life you never thought possible.

BegInternet Training 4 sessions $125  
BiggerNet Training 4 sessions $125  
AdvanTernet Training No limit sessions $135/each  

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