New Futures from Contribution Coaching


Opening New Doors to Success and Satisfaction

Are you reaching the point in your life where you have the freedom and time to pursue a new venture that is close to your heart? New Future Contribution Coaching helps you define and locate the next meaningful place you can be in service. Whether it is starting a new business, learning a new skill, developing a new hobby or locating a meaningful place to volunteer, the key is finding your passion and following it.

Session one – Orientation and Assessment

  • Together, we’ll look at your accomplishments and what inspires you, what you truly want, what you have always wanted.
  • We’ll begin the process of seeing different avenues that can produce joy and satisfaction. Is it a new business? Is it a creative activity – writing, art, music? Do you want to ensure your future well-being?

Session two – Having it All –

  • We’ll look at the most fruitful paths to what you’ve chosen.
  • And we’ll look at the strategies for having it all – retirement and business, sports and art, well-being and music.

Session three – Stops and Starts

  • What obstacles do you face?
  • How to overcome, go through or bypass them.
  • Set up your action plan and Get Started.

Session four – What’s Next?

  • Review your progress.
  • Handle missteps, false starts and apparent blocks.
  • Evaluate and reassess your action plan.
  • Look at other Contribution Coaching programs.

In one month you can have chosen and begun a New Future.

Let’s work together to see what you can begin.

4 single sessions scheduled every other week
This includes a special 5th session as a bonus one month after completion to follow up and make any course corrections

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